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About Me

By passion I am a traveler. And when I travel I try to catch the memories, the incidents passing by, thru my camera. Every shutter movement, every film exposed gives me a pleasure undefined. This delight drives me to take pictures, not any academic dogma or any professional obligation.

Being an engineer by profession, photography is sort of an escape for me in the world of imagination and truth. You can find a camera in the side desk of my office room. This is a passion that helps me to keep my patience in this cynical corporate world.

Ansel Adams, Anwar Hossain, Noazesh Ahmed, Nasir Ali Mamun, Shahidul Alam, GMB Akash, Morten Krogvold, Ian Lockwood – theirs’ shots are something that I wish were mine!


1. Winner of 1st Shristi Shukher Ullash Photography Festival 2012

2. Winner of Intel Oregon local Campus Photo competition 2014 and 2015

3. Won Honorable Mention in Monochrome Award 2014 (Landscape Category)


4. NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY HONORABLE MENTION Fine Art Photography Award 2014/2015

5. WILDLIFE / ANIMALS HONORABLE MENTION Fine Art Photography Award 2014/2015

6. "The Canopy of the Glorious" Received Honorable mention in "Monochrome Awards-International Black & White Photography Contest 2014" under Landscape category and same photo with color became finalist in HIPA 2105 award but didn't win.

7. "Tendance of Nature" won the commended Nature and Wildlife photograph in "Sony World Photography Awards 2015"


1st Solo Photography Exhibition, Hillisboro Main Library South Gallery, July-August'2016

Intel Oregon RA Campus Cafe , 2014-2015

1st Shristi Shukher Ullash Photography Festival'2012, Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2nd Inter-University Photographic Exhibition, Dhaka, Bangladesh (2003)

3rd, 4th and 5th BUETPS Photographic Exhibitions (2001, 2002 and 2003 respectively), Dhaka, Bangladesh


Published in SHOTS (vol.129) Reflections and Shadows Issue

Finalist Sony World Photography Awards 2014, Nature & Wildlife

Finalist HIPA 2014-2015, Life in Colors

Featured on International Student Week, University of South Carolina, 2012

Featured on B&W Magazine 2014-2015 Portfolio Gallery

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